Tryton Medical, Inc. Announces First Clinical Use Of Its Side-Branch Stent™ To Treat Coronary Bifurcation Lesions

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BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tryton Medical, Inc. announced today the first clinical use of its
Tryton Side-Branch Stent (TM). The initial cases were performed at the
Heart Center/Siegburg under the direction of Professor Eberhard Grube,
M.D. “These cases demonstrate that a Tryton stent strategy provides a
simple and easy way to treat complex bifurcation lesions with beautiful
results,” according to Professor Grube.

The Tryton First-In-Man Study is a multi-center clinical trial
evaluating the utility of the Tryton Side-Branch Stent (TM) to treat
coronary artery arterial lesions involving a bifurcation — a blockage
involving a major side-branch artery. The study is being performed at
the Institute Cardiovascular Paris Sud, France (Marie-Claude Morice,
Principal Investigator) and Heart Center/Siegburg, Germany (E. Grube,
Principal Investigator).

Coronary artery disease located at the branch of arteries occurs in up
to 25% of patients currently undergoing coronary stenting. “The designs
of available drug eluting stents do not adequately address this group of
patients,” said Dr. Aaron Kaplan, Founder of Tryton and Associate
Professor, Dartmouth Medical School. “Stents placed at bifurcations are
currently associated with higher acute complications as well as late

According to Tryton’s Chief Technology Officer, Richard Davis, “The
Tryton Side-Branch Stent (TM) is a unique balloon expandable, 5 French
compatible system that is delivered with a single wire. When used in
conjunction with any existing standard stent for the main vessel, it
provides superior coverage and hoop strength to the origin of the

About Tryton Medical, Inc.

Tryton was founded in 2003 by Aaron V. Kaplan, M.D. (Dartmouth Medical
School/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center) and Spray Venture Partners to
develop proprietary stent technology to treat branchpoint lesions.

About Spray Venture Partners

Spray Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that has been focused
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Spray has founded and invested in over 25 medical technology companies
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